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Arlington Lawn Care: How to Best Care and Maintain Your Lawn Garden

A lawn garden can be a source of pride and simple joy for you and your family, a place you can spend time together, enjoy the early morning sunshine, relax, and have some fun. Your lawn garden must be well-maintained for a more beautiful and functional garden so it is important to mow, aerate, water, and fertilize your lawn garden. Fertilizer is considered a food for your lawn and the more you feed, the more it grows. For the right timing, fertilizing is best done in fall and spring if you are living in the North, whereas spring and summer if you live in the South. It is important to follow the right timing because your grasses need to be fertilized when they are actively growing.

Aeration is essential to reduce thatch buildup and to loosen the soil. When your grasses are actively growing and the soil is moist, then it’s the perfect time to aerate your lawn. When the soil is dry and hard, the aerators are unable to deeply penetrate the soil, so it is important to water your lawn before aerating. Grub killers must be applied early summer because grubs are unnoticed until fall when there is obvious damage, making them difficult to control. You lawn needs occasional irrigation so it remains green during summer dry spells, and watering should be done early in the morning. Early morning watering can lessen the chance of watering unlike nighttime which can cause prolonged moisture leading to disease, and avoid afternoon watering as evaporation causes significant water loss in your lawn garden. Watering your garden lawn once or twice a week will make it drought tolerant as long as you wet the soil several inches down, and it will allow deep roots to develop unlike shallow irrigation.

When it comes to mowing, you need to mow as needed to keep the beautiful look and healthy appearance of your lawn garden. Weekly mowing is okay but you may need to mow your lawn every four to five days in spring when the growth of grass is vigorous. The one-third rule pertains to not cutting the grass more than one-third of its height. We may be too busy to take care of our lawn but it’s a good thing that you can now hire a lawn specialist like Arlington Lawn Care to help you in maintaining a beautiful and functional lawn garden. For more details, feel free to check our website or homepage now.

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